Who, Why and Our Mission

Bush Oil™ is Nina & Andy. It's our brainchild and we're immensely proud and passionate of what we've created. Our British brand reflects our fun, unique, no nonsense, humorous personalities. We have the unique ability to unlock the taboo and bring a fresh approach to how you maintain your garden.

Bush Oil™ makes you feel sexy and empowered the minute you wear it. It's like invisible underwear or your favourite perfume.

We created this together after some discussion on what people are doing ‘down there’ and how styles have changed over the years. Years ago men and women’s changing rooms were covered in clouds of talc and some people even still spray harsh deodorants onto an area that should only be treated with love and TLC.

We recognised a growing market in personal grooming products, but we couldn’t identify a single one that catered specifically for intimate body hair and skin! The products available were either clinical, dated or quite stuffy - and in most cases, people feel embarrassed to buy let alone use them. We’ve created a modern, fresh and relevant brand that embraces the need to maintain your ‘bush’.


Our mission is to make our customers feel great and smell awesome with zero embarrassment. Empowering both men and women alike, whilst also nourishing their downstairs!

We're not afraid to say Vagina, Fanny or Foof.....Penis, Chopper or Willy! We don't mind if you shave, wax or go au naturel, we just believe that downstairs maintenance should be as important as the rest of your body.

Please feel free to contact us. We're open, upfront and always here to answer any specific questions you may have or listen to your feedback.

Lots of Love Nina and Andy xxx

For all enquiries, please use our contact form to get in touch.